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Date Organizer and where Title of event
19. June, 2012 KU in cooperation with Prosilva Denmark Thematic Day, Denmark: High-productive forestry for a sustainable future
28. August, 2012 Skogforsk and SLU, Sweden Thematic Day, Sweden: Forest bioenergy and
bioenergy systems
4. Sept., 2012 METLA, Finland Thematic Day, Finland: Boosting the resource base and supply of forest energy
3. Sept., 2012 METLA, Finland Research Seminar on Precision Supply of Forest Biomass for Energy
10-14 Dec., 2012 SLU, Höör, Skåne, Sweden Forest Restoration in Theory and in Practise, 3 ECTS
29. April, 2013 KU, Frederiksberg, Denmark Intelligent use of biomass
25. June, 2013 SILAVA, held at Ministry of Agriculture, Riga

Silviculture as a tool to reduce GHG emissions and increase CO2 removals in forests in long term perspective

2-6 Sept., 2013 UEF, Joensuu, Finland Management of forest ecosystems for bioenergy, with implications for climate change mitigation, 4 ECTS

17. Sept., 2013

KU, SLU, Advisory board member and international colleagues
Rudkøbing and Lohals, Langeland, Denmark

Poplar – a nurse as well as a high-productive tree
3. June, 2014 Ekebo, Scania, Sweden High-productive broadleaves and conifer species

17. June, 2014

SLU Snogeholm Broadleaves for the future (Lövskog för framtiden)
19. June, 2014 Metla, Vantaa, Finland

Bio-fuelled combined power and district heating and Non-native species in Finnish forestry

26. August, 2014 NFLI, Ås, Norge Thematic Day, Norway: Intensive silvicultural approach elevates the forest productivity (Aktiv skogskjøtsel øker biomasseproduksjon)