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ENERWOODS gives high priority to end-user involvement and dissemination of project results to maximize the impact

The ultimate dissemination goal is to demonstrate and highlight to the industry and the society in general that forests are the green oilfields of the future, while at the same time convincing the forestry sector that the society and in particular the energy industry are committed to a long term transition to forest biomass resources. This is crucial for the creation of ownership of the project results among end-users as well as researchers.Target groups

Our target groups are primarily:

  • Energy industries using woody biomass for energy purposes.
  • Woody biomass procuring industries and contractors responsible for harvest and transport from forest to industry.
  • Forest practitioners like forest managers employed by forest industries, government or small-medium sized forest districts as well as forestry consultants and forest owners.
  • Politicians and policy makers.
  • The scientific community.


The members of the Advisory board will play a crucial role in overcoming the dissemination challenges. Communication activities include e.g. Thematic Days and “Road Shows” for end-users where Advisory board members and project researchers will participate too. Thematic Days and “Road Shows” will include excursions to sites with e.g. forest stands or demonstration plots with highly productive silvicultural systems and fast growing conifers as well as broadleaves some.