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NB! This list of presentation does not include the presentations of events organized by ENERWOODS (e.g. ENERWOODS Thematic Days) or our teaching of BSc and MSc levels at the universities.

12. March 2012: Vivian Kvist Johannsen represents ENERWOODS and gives an expert comment (oral presentation) at Seminar “Opportunities for enhanced Nordic cooperation in the field of solid biomass for energy purposes” organized by Pöyro and Nordic Council of Ministers, Oslo

20-21 March 2012: Inge Stupak and Palle Madsen presented ENERWOODS (oral presetation) and participate in the conference: Sustainable Production and Use of Biomass for Bioenergy in the Baltic Seas Region, Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen

2. July 2012: Palle Madsen presents ENERWOODS) at the 5th meeting for the Heads of National Forest Research Institutes (in Europe) at a seminar at KU, Forest & Landscape, Copenhagen

3. July 2012: Palle Madsen presents ENERWOODS (oral presentation) at the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS) 40 years jubilee conference, Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen

15. August 2012: Leif Gustavsson presents “Bioenergy and greenhouse gas mitigation”. A challenging future for the Boreal forests – Can all demands be met? A travelling workshop in northern Sweden, 12-19 August.

3. October 2012: ENERWOODS – pohjoismaisella yhteistyöllä tehoa puubiomassan kasvatukseen ja hankintaan. ’Kansainvälinen metsäntutkimus’ newsletter. Available at:

22. October 2012: ENERWOODS – energising the cultivation and procurement of woody biomass through Nordic cooperation. Metla Bulletin. Available at:”.

24-26. October 2012: ENERWOODS participation (Norway, Finland, Estonia, Denmark) in “The Nordic Baltic Conference on Forest Operations – OSCAR” organized by our Latvian participants Dagnija Lazdina and Andis Lazdins. Palle Madsen presented ENERWOODS by an oral presentation.

6-7. March 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “ENERWOODS – Wood based Energy Systems from Nordic Forest”. Programkonferens Hållbarhet, SLU Uppsala.

21. May 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “What is most efficient: to make heat and electricity or biofuels for transportation from forest biomass?” Nordic Baltic Bioenergy, Oslo.

23. May 2013: Palle Madsen, Anders Tærø Nielsen and Esben Møller Madsen present from ENERWOODS poplar as a nursetree species and an important species for high-productive forestry. SKOVEN 45 (8/2013), 314-315.

29. May 2013: Palle Madsen presents “Sustainability of intensive forest management and wood production”. Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2013 organized by METLA.

2. June 2013: Sylvia Haus presents “Greenhouse Gas Emission Comparison of Wood Biomass Systems with the inclusion of Land-use in the Reference Fossil System”. European Biomass Conferencen & Exhibition 2013, Copenhagen

10-12. June 2013: Dagnija Lazdiņa presents: Experience of forest, re-cultivated areas and short rotation plantation fertilization in Latvia. International Baltic Sea Region Scientific Conference Interdisciplinary Research for Higher Socioeconomic Value of Forests, June 10–12, Riga. Silava & Latvijas Valsts Mezi, Latvia.

18. June 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “Bioenergy, greenhouse gases and climate change” at 4th AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference, Brussels

19. June 2013: Magnus Löf presents “ENERWOODS – ett nordiskt project om skog och energy” at SLU seminar for forest owners and managers (80-90 participants) at Tylösands Strandhotel, Halland, Sweden.

21. August 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “How to get the most out of forest biomass?. 4th Generation District Heating – Second Conference, Combined heat and power plants – now and in the future. Aalborg University, Copenhagen Campus.

23. August 2013: Palle Madsen presents “Kulturintensitet og kulturmodeller: Erfaringer fra naturnær skovdrift og øget biomasseproduktion”. NordGen Forest Thematic Day ”Kulturkvalitet og øget træproduktion”, Sabro v. Århus.

2-6. September 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “Use of forest bioenergy – a solution to mitigate climate change?” Management of forest ecosystems for bioenergy, with implication for climate change mitigation, Finland.

1. Sept. 2013: Johannes Windisch et al. present “Precision supply of forest biomass to combined heat and power and bio-oil plants. Bioenergy Exhibition and Conference, Jyväskylä.

19. Sept.; 30th Sept. 9th Oct. 2013: Johannes Windisch presents “Management science meets reality: Process management and simulation for forest biomass supply”. Freising (Germany) Professorship Symposium; FORMEC conference, Stralsund.

30. Sept. 2013: Mikko Nivala et al. present “A GIS-based comparison of alternatives for long-distance transportation of energy wood from young forests in Finland. FORMEC conference, Stralsund.

03. October 2013: Leif Gustavsson presents “Skogsskötsel I framtiden” KSLA - Skogsskötselkommittén, Workshop, 3. October, Tagels gård, Sweden.

23-26. Oct. 2013: Kjell Andreassen and Bernt-Håvard Øyen present “Growth, yield and biomass production in afforestation tree species in Northern Norway”. Conference Afforestation to protect soils, rehabilitate derelict land and sequester carbon, Iceland 23-26. October, 2013. Organizer Icelandic Forest Research and Nordic Council of Ministers.

11-12. November 2013: Lars Rytter presents “ENERWOODS – a joint Nordic project to promote a sustainable development of our societies by wood based energy systems”. Conference organized by Future Forests and EFI: Climate change and forestry in northern Europe, Uppsala.

12. November 2013: Sylvia Haus and Leif Gustavsson present “Climate Mitigation Woody Biomass Systems”. Conference organized by Future Forests and EFI: Climate change and forestry in northern Europe, Uppsala.

12. November 2013: Sylvia Haus and Leif Gustavsson present “Climate Mitigation Woody Biomass Systems”. Conference organized by Future Forests and EFI: Climate change and forestry in northern Europe, Uppsala 13. November 2013: Leif Gustavsson and Sylvia Haus present “Ger bioenergi och träbyggande klimatfördelar?” Skogen – Nyckeln till ett framgångsrikt klimat och energiarbete. Nolia city conference, Piteå.

23. July 2014: Mc Carthy, R. Productivity and thinning effects of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula x P. tremuloides) root sucker stands. International Poplar Symposium VI, IUFRO, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

10. November 2014: Mc Carthy, R. Productivity and thinning effects of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula x P. tremuloides) root sucker stands in Sweden – including general management to prevent damage from game populations. Iowa State University, Natural Resource Ecology and Management Department, Ames, Iowa.

23. March 2014: Rytter, L. Vad ska jag välja för trädslag vid ett förändrat klimat. Seminar Framtidens skogsbrukande arranged by Hushållningssällskapet Skogsförvaltning Syd, Bjärsjölagårds Slott, Skåne, Sweden.

8. May 2014: Rytter, L. Lövskogsproduktion. Seminar arranged by Uppvidinge Community and Södra, Åseda Småland, Sweden.

9. September 2014: Rytter, L., Mc Carthy, R. & Stener, L.-G. Rotskottuppslag i hybridasp – tillväxt och skötselmöjligheter. Poplar Day of Sweden arranged by the National Poplar Commission of Sweden, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden.

8. May 2014. Rytter, L. Land areas and biomass production for current and future use in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Mini Symposium arranged by Lund University, Lund, Sweden.

23-26. September 2014. Belbo, H. & Talbot, B. Systems comparison of 10 supply chains for whole tree chips. 5th World Forest Engineering Conference, Gerardmer France.

20-27. September 2014. Gustavsson, L., Haus, S., Ortiz, C.A., Sathre, R., Truong, N.L. Climate effects of bioenergy from forest residues in comparison to fossil energy. The 9th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water an Environment Systems – SDEWES 2014, Venice-Istanbul.

6. October 2014. Gustavsson, L. Net greenhouse gas analysis of forest-based material and energy systems. XXIV IUFRO World Congress 2014, Salt Lake City, USA.

15. October 2014. Stupak, I., Raulund-Rasmussen, K., Nielsen, A.T., Mustapha, W.F., Seitsonen, A., Bentsen, N.S., Johannsen, V.K. 2014. Drivers of very intensive biomass harvesting in Denmark and implications for carbon balances. Intersections Seminar at the University of Toronto, 15 October.

20-22. October 2014. Nielsen, A.T., Mustapha, W.F., Raulund-Rasmussen, K., Seitsonen, A., Stupak, I. 2014. Climate change mitigation benefits of intensively managed and untouched forest. Presentation at the CAR-ES workshop. METLA, Vantaa, Finland.

5. November 2014. Haus, S. 2014. Time dynamic and radiative forcing of using forest bioenergy to mitigate climate change. PhD Course: Life Cycle Assessment with Focus on Bioenergy.

19. November 2014. Stupak, I., Smith, T., Bentsen, N.S. 2014. Bæredygtig skovdrift og bæredygtighedskriterier for forskellige biomassetyper – hvor langt er vi? [Sustainable forest management and sustainability criteria for different types of biomass – how far are we?]. Presentation at thematic meeting, The Danish Energy Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark.

26. November 2014. Bentsen, N.S. Carbon debt (kulstofgæld) – hvad er det og hvordan reduceres det? (Carbon debt – what is it and how to reduce it? Bæredygtige biobrændsler. Konference, Dansk Energi.

6-11. October 2014. Stanturf, J.A., Madsen, P., Park, Y.-D., Blay, D., Engel, V.L., Löf, M., Gardiner, E.S. 2014. Restoration strategies, methods, and operations. In Parotta al. (Eds.) book of abstracs. XXIV IUFRO World Congress, 6-11 October, Salt Lake City, USA.

6-11. October 2014. Stanturf, J.A., Madsen, P., Dumroese, R.K., Palik, B., Löf, M. 2014. Novel and neo-native, native and exotic, restoration and intervention, oh my! In Parotta al. (Eds.) book of abstracs. XXIV IUFRO World Congress, 6-11 October, Salt Lake City, USA.

6-11. October 2014. Madsen, P., Madsen, T.L., Madsen, E.M., Nielsen, A.T., Stanturf, J. Pioneer species uses as nurse crops – a powerful silviculturalmethod in forest restoration and forest adaptation.

14-16. October 2014. Löf, M., Claesson, G., Jacobs, F.D. 2014. From conifers to native broadleaves. In Jacobs et al. (Eds.) book of abstracs. 2nd Restoring Forests Congress, 14-16 October 2014 in West Lafayette, Indiana USA (invited oral presentation).

23-26. September 2014. Irdla, M., Padari, A. and Muiste, P. The logistics of wood chips in Estonian conditions - a case study. The 5th Forest Engineering Conference together with the 47th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation “Forest engineering: propelling the forest value chain”, Gerardmer, France.

January 2015. Irdla, M., Padari, A. and Muiste, P. The alternatives of transport of wood chips in Estonian conditions – a case study“. Baltic Forestry.