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Work Packages

The work of ENERWOODS has been arranged into 4 workpackages which are shortly described below. See the menu to the left for detailed workpackage descriptions.

WP1 - Productive forest management for bioenergy

WP1 should develop silvicultural models with 25-80 % increased productivity relative to current levels and give inputs to recommendations on trade-offs between GHG displacement and sequestration. With due attention to Nordic energy and sustainability strategies and to the diversity of conditions in the Nordic countries, we analyse production potentials of existing and future Nordic forests with respect to species selection and management intensity as well as the increased growth potential that climate change offers.
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WP2 - Forestry logistics

WP2 should develop wood procurement principles and systems optimized towards much higher woody biomass production, long distance transportation and precision supply. Building on results from WP1 and other research we map and critically analyse existing forest technologies and logistics in current and future forestry practises and evaluate the cost saving potentials of precision supply to meet the fluctuating demands for biomass.

Tradeoffs between carbon displacement and sequestration of the woody biomass supply chain from forest to energy industry will be analysed, and through finite time optimization, optimal allocation of various forest management systems will be analysed to maximize society’s benefits in terms of GHG-emissions.
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WP3 - Strategic analysis of woody biomass energy systems

WP3 should identify cost- and energy-efficient woody biomass energy systems with low GHG emissions. From a land-use perspective, woody biomass energy systems should be optimized to maximize society’s benefits in terms of energy services per unit of land subject to ecological and economic constraints. Based on WP1, WP2 and existing knowledge we perform analyses of bioenergy supply chains considering woody biomass use for low carbon transportation, power and heat production.
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WP4 - Project administration and dissemination

WP4 will coordinate WP-cooperation, ensure continued progress and reporting as well as efficiently disseminate project results and secure end-user involvement. Communication activities include e.g. Thematic Days and “Road Shows” with excursions for end-users and participation of some Advisory Board members and project partners to relevant sites such as forest stands or demonstration plots with highly productive silvicultural systems and fast growing conifers as well as broadleaves.
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