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WP2 – Forestry logistics


WP2 develop wood procurement principles and systems optimized towards much higher woody biomass production, long distance transportation and precision supply. We furthermore analyse tradeoffs between carbon displacement and sequestration of the woody biomass throughout the supply chain from forest to energy industry. Through finite time optimisation, we analyse the optimal allocation of various forest management systems to maximize society’s benefits in terms of GHG-emissions

1. Mapping of existing harvesting technologies
Forest energy – experiences from the recent decades of development in Finland and Sweden. Literature review of the Nordic supply chains (peer reviewed paper).
Deadline: Jan 2012, Lead: Johanna Routa.

2. Critical analysis of existing harvesting technologies for woody biomass for energy production in the Nordic countries
An analysis of why the proportions of supply chains differ in the four countries and how should the technologies be changed to reach the future targets for forest energy (WP2-D1). 
Deadline: 2013. Lead: Kjell Suadicani.

3. Naturally regenerated young beech stands as a source of biomass
Yield and economics of silvicultural measures  (Peer-reviewed paper WP2-D2).
Deadline: 2013. Lead: Bruce Talbot.

Article I (T6)

4. Compilation of practical experiences and development needs on long distance transportation in Finland and Norway
A survey will be carried out to find out the bottlenecks and development needs to direct research to the most potential topics and to transfer the knowledge of the best practices (A joint or two separate report(s) WP2-D3).
Deadline: Dec. 2012. Lead: Perttu Anttila.

5. Optimal transportation solutions for future demand of forest biomass
1) Review literature, 2) develop a generic approach for selecting an optimal transportation solution for forest biomass, and 2) apply the model in three case studies (Peer-reviewed paper P9).
Deadline: Sept. 2012. Lead: Niclas Scott Bentsen.

Article II (T7)

6. Compilation of practical experiences and information on woody biomass supply systems among the woody biomass stakeholders
A seminar on precision supply in Norway. Additionally, selected stakeholders will be interviewed in Finland. Publish results as national / Nordic report(s) (S11).
Deadline: Sept. 2012. Lead: Bruce Talbot.

7. Evaluation of the cost saving potential of precision supply

System analysis of precision supply to meet the fluctuating demand (Peer-reviewed paper WP2-D4).
Deadline: 2014. Lead: Perttu Anttila.

Article III (T8)

8. Carbon sequestration and fossil displacement in Nordic woody bioenergy systems
Peer-reviewed paper P10: Analysis of the effects of changing forest management and supply systems on carbon sequestration and fossil displacement.
Deadline: 2015. Lead: Niclas Scott Bentsen.